Crown and Bridge

Our crown and bridge solutions are designed digitally and milled for the best fit, while the finishing touches are added by hand. Custom details and shades are applied, giving your patients natural-looking esthetics that are functional and harmonious.


As a trusted material from Ivoclar, E.max is made of Lithium Disilicate – giving it high light transmitting properties. E.max restorations have consistently delivered esthetics made for the smile zone through translucency and shade availability. Pressed or layered E.max solutions are available. Learn More

Full Zirconia

When strength of utmost importance, CAD/CAM designed and precision milled Zirconia delivers a durable solution for crown and bridge. These monolothic restorations are resistant to chips and fractures, while also providing an alternative for patients who have metal sensitivities. Learn More

Layered Zirconia

The Zirconia base of this restoration is hand layered with porcelain, giving your patients a cosmetic solution offering both strength and beauty. The Zirconia coping is designing and milled by our skilled technicians, while the final touches are applied by our most experienced ceramists. Learn More

High Translucent Full Zirconia

These monolithic restorations are CAD/CAM produced using a highly translucent puck, making them an great choice for patients requiring strength and luminosity. With the esthetic traits of Lithium Disilicate, this option is twice as strong as E.max and consistently provides fit and function. Learn More


PFM combines the strength of a metal coping with hand layered porcelain for a dynamic duo. The metal base gives off a natural-like hue from within that is complimented when porcelain is applied. In addition, the metal coping is a way of adding substantial strength over Lithium Disilicate. Learn More

Full Metal

Digitally designed and milled full metal crown and bridges provide a traditional option for strength and durability that have stood the test of time. When occlusal clearance is minimal, full metal restorations are ideal for protecting the adjacent dentition and offering restorative endurance. Learn More