Layered Zirconia


• Translucency
• Strength
• Versatility
• Biocompatibility


Anterior: Crowns, Bridges
Posterior: Crowns (pre-molars)


Conventionally cemented or bonded


800 MPa

The Zirconia base of this restoration is hand layered with porcelain, giving your patients a cosmetic solution offering both strength and beauty. The Zirconia coping is designing and milled by our skilled technicians, while the final touches are applied by our most experienced ceramists.

Zirconia continues to be a superior option for strength, and this restorative option utilizes that concept as the base for patients requiring a strong but cosmetic solution. The margins of Layered Zirconia are matched to the tooth shade, and since they don’t have metal – there are no grey lines or tissue irritation. The biocompatibility of Zirconia is a benefit that can be appreciated, and our CAD/CAM technology allows us to design this coping with accuracy and reliability.

Our expert ceramic technicians spend time building porcelain on top of the Zirconia as the second step. Using shades, materials, and tools that have long been a part of restorative craft, Laguna Dental Arts takes pride in our ability to provide this excellent option for smile enhancement.