Full Zirconia


• Superior Strength
• Longevity
• Biocompatibility
• Digital convenience


Anterior: Crowns, Bridges
Posterior: Crowns, Bridges


Conventionally cemented or bonded


1000 MPa

When strength of is of utmost importance, CAD/CAM designed and precision milled Zirconia delivers a durable solution for crown and bridge. These monolithic restorations are resistant to chips and fractures, while also providing an alternative for patients who have metal sensitivities. Zirconia is the strongest of the materials available for restorations, and can be ideal for patients with bruxism or a history of fractured crowns.

The Full Zirconia process starts off with a digital design, using either your digital file or a traditional impression model. In this case, the benefits of a digital file offer you a more convenient process of prescribing this material. Laguna Dental Arts digital technicians then design using the latest software programs and build the restoration to precise margins and thicknesses. Details such as crevices and natural shapes are added at this stage as well.

After the digital file has been quality checked, we mill out your patient’s specific design using a solid Zirconia puck in our state-of-the-art machines at the lab. The final restoration is polished/glazed, and prepared for shipment.