Laguna Dental Arts has provided reliable, esthetic dentures for over 40 years. Our dentures will provide your patients with dentures that function properly, and provide a durable, comfortable esthetic smile, allowing patients to better live their lives.

Night Guard

Nighthards are available in a variety of thicknesses and layer materials from Laguna Dental Arts. For protecting existing dentition, as well as restorations, nightguards are custom made using hard, soft, or combo materials that are fabricated based on the patients needs. Learn More

Sport Guard

For the active patient, Sports Guards are a great way to protect dentition during impact sports. Made of pliable materials, Sports Guards can be layered in 1 to 3 layers based on the impact level of the activity. Fully custom colors and designs are available for your patients requests. Learn More

Complete Denture

Laguna Dental Arts uses all Ivoclar products to fabricate durable, esthetic dentures that brings function back to edentulous patients. With high performance materials, custom crafted teeth and tissue, and precision fit, Complete Dentures are a popular solution for restoring confidence. Learn More

Flexible Partial

For greater comfort and esthetics, Flexible Partials provide a metal-free, biocompatible option for partially edentulous individuals. The lifelike material of this restoration that provides lifelike esthetics that blends with the patient’s natural tissue and surrounding dentition. Learn More

Metal Partial

Laguna Dental Arts is one of the few labs that makes partials in-lab, and we use Wironium metal for precision and comfort. Wironium metal is excellently suited for laser welding and is readily adjustable with no fear of clasp breakage. For this reason, we offer a lifetime guarantee on this partial. Learn More


Stay Plates are temporary partial dentures used after a patient has an extraction, as a transition before getting a partial denture. A Stay Plate will replace the missing tooth or teeth, and can assist with chewing and/or speaking until the partial denture is delivered. Learn More