High Translucent Full Zirconia


• Strength
• Translucency
• Biocompatibility
• Durability


Anterior: Crowns, Bridges
Posterior: Crowns, Bridges


Conventionally cemented or bonded


850 MPa

These monolithic restorations are CAD/CAM produced using a highly translucent puck, making them an great choice for patients requiring strength and luminosity. With the esthetic traits of Lithium Disilicate, this option is twice as strong as E.max and consistently provides fit and function.

As the demands for a material that captured both the strength of Zirconia and the esthetics of E.max, this option was created for patients prone to fractures and material sensitivities. The High Translucent Full Zirconia restorations exhibit a progression of shade and translucency that maximizes the appearance of monolithic crowns and bridges. An optimized raw material mixture provides the material with enhanced mechanical properties that truly benefit your patients.

In combination with our state-of-the-art digital technology, from designing to milling, and our efficient service – you AND your patients will be pleased with the outcome of these restorations.