Surgical Guides

Laguna Dental Arts offers a complete implant treatment planning service using Surgical Guides that are designed and milled in-house. Communication and step-by-step care is taken so that angles, depth, and implant locations are mapped out just as discussed.

Bone Model

A Bone Model is made up of a compact surface shell and a cancellous bone core, mimicking the dimensions found in the human mandible. Often used as a training device for dentists during initial instruction, these models provide a valuable skill-building tool for implant placement. Learn More

Bone Reduction Guide

Bone Reduction Guides are 3-D planning maps for implant-retained, full-arch mandibular prostheses – eliminating the unnecessary removal of bone structure. These are critical guides in providing proper occlusion and function of the prosthesis to be placed. Learn More

Pilot Hole

The initial drill that is used when making the hole for a dental implant is called a Pilot Drill, a position which is determined by the guide of a Pilot Hole. The Pilot Hole helps make sure that both the restorative dentist and the surgeon are on the same page when it comes to implant position. Learn More

Fully Guided

Fully Guided Implant Surgical Guides are imperative tools that effectively communicate the desired position of the implant to the implant surgeon. Laguna Dental Arts recommends this service for complex implant cases that require intense attention to fine detail. Learn More