PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal)


• Esthetics
• Long-span bridge option
• Attachment capabilities
• Marginal versatility


Anterior: Crowns, Bridges
Posterior: Crowns, Bridges


Conventionally cemented


Various MPa

PFM combines the strength of a metal coping with hand layered porcelain for a dynamic duo. The metal base gives off a natural-like hue from within that is complimented when porcelain is applied. In addition, the metal coping is a way of adding substantial strength over Lithium Disilicate.

In some cases, PFM is the only option for difficult and complex situations that require precision attachments, or require high strength when minimal occlusal space is available. Laguna Dental Arts offers both precious and semi-precious metal options as the coping, which is designing and milled with a precision CAD/CAM process. Metals range in hue from yellow, to gold, to silver, and depending on the needs of attachments or esthetics, will be recommended on a per-patient basis.

With a unique process of fusing the metal coping to the porcelain, PFM restorations combine some unique and beneficial capabilities. Laguna Dental Arts has dedicated specialists for this product and it has been a long standing, successful option for fixed versatility.