Metal Partial


• Functional
• Strong
• Durable
• Precision-fit


Repairable: Yes
Relinable: Yes


Wironium alloy

Laguna Dental Arts is one of the few labs that makes partials in-lab, and we use Wironium metal for precision and comfort. We have invested in a product that we believe in and back with a life time guarantee: Wironium metal, which is a top-rated German metal alloy. It is excellently suited for laser welding thanks to reduced carbon concentration. It is also readily adjustable with no fear of clasp breakage, as well as embodying the comfort of a Type 4 gold. This metal frame is unmatched in the partial world.

Partials are indicated for conventional and esthetic clasp partial denture applications, as well as combination crowns with attachments and partial denture applications. When you send us a case, our experienced team will survey and design the removable Metal Partial using your clinical information and personal preferences. Strict attention to detail, coupled with quality materials and techniques, result in precise clasp adaptation and retention for each framework.