Night Guard


• Comfort
• Strong
• Durable
• Precision Fit


Repairable: Yes
Relinable: n/a


Pressure formed EVA

Night Guards are available in a variety of thicknesses and layer materials from Laguna Dental Arts. For protecting existing dentition, as well as restorations, Night Guards are custom made using hard, soft, or combo materials that are fabricated based on the patients needs. These appliances protect the teeth and other vital structures by creating a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth, and are custom-made for longevity and durability.

For nighttime grinding and bruxing patients, the soft Night Guard is the ideal solution to protect both teeth and restorations from breakage or abrasion. This option can also be used for cases with missing teeth or an unusual bite.

Hard Night Guards may be prescribed for patients to provide occlusal comfort of existing dentition. They are less bulky and more esthetic than over-the-counter guards, creating greater compliance.

Combo Night Guards are layered guards that include both hard and soft materials for ideal comfort, function, consistent thickness. The guard is contoured to the dental arch on the soft side, and has a flat plane fabricated out of the hard acrylic on the outer side.