Warranty & Rush Cases

As part of our commitment to your success and dedication to quality, Laguna Dental Arts warranties the work­manship and materials of the restoration you’ve purchased with our lab. Additionally, we try our best to accommodate rush cases, but please be aware that an extra fee will be applied due to a reorganization of lab workflow.


If the restoration or appliance you’ve purchased from Laguna Dental Arts is deemed not acceptable at the time of receipt or at the time of insertion, barring service warranty conditions described below and provided prior device history does not reveal an unwarranted order, we shall adjust, repair, or replace the device at no charge, preserving the full warranty period.

Laguna Dental Arts will honor our Service Warranty when the following conditions are met:
All original alloy (if applicable), original device, and original models must be returned to the laboratory.
The original work authorization (or evidence of original purchase) must be included with a new completed work authorization and new models.

• Cast Crown
• Gold Crown
• Full Metal Crown
• Gold Inlay/Onlay
• All-Ceramic Crown
• Empress
• e.max Posterior
• e.max Anterior
• e.max Anterior Layered
• Veneer Stained
• Veneer Layered
• PFZ (hybrid) Crown Posterior
• PFZ Crown Anterior
• PFZ Bridge
• Full Contour Zirconia
• Feldspathic Porcelain
• $349 Packages (Abutment + Crown)
• Straumann Titanium Vario-Base Abutment with
• Implant Screw-Retained Full Contour Zirconia or
• Full Contour e.max
• Dentures
• Full Denture

• Zirconia Custom Abutment + Crown
• Straumann Zirconia
• Atlantis Zirconia
• Nobel Zirconia
• Zimmer Zirconia
• Titanium Custom Abutment + Crown
• Straumann Titanium/GoldHue
• Atlantis Titanium/GoldHue
• Nobel Titanium/GoldHue
• Zimmer Titanium/GoldHue
• 3i Titanium/GoldHue
• Titanium Custom Abutment + Crown
• Etkon (Straumann) Titanium/GoldHue
• Hiossen Titanium/GoldHue
• Implant Direct Titanium/GoldHue
• Cast Partials
• Complete Metal Partial

Service warranties do not include nor apply to deviations from original work order instructions, nor devices that have been previously repaired, relined, rebased, or otherwise altered from new; nor devices that have been damaged or are ill-fitting due to accident, patient non-compliance, negligence, abuse, supporting bone, tooth or tissue failure, dental change, dental or muscular
parafunctional habit, improper clinical protocols, or improper oral hygiene.

Unwarranted orders include cases requiring clinically-requested lab alterations to original case materials, as well as clinically-overruled laboratory requests for new materials, products or process changes. Further, service warranties do not include nor apply to devices that have been previously non-warranted in device history record, or have failed due to misdiagnosis or incorrect choice of device.

Warranties do not include nor apply to work performed by another laboratory, cash refunds, temporary replacements, costs incurred for removal or reinsertion, or costs incurred by another laboratory. All guarantees and warranty exclude sales to other laboratories. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties either expressed or implied and may not be modified by any agent, employee, or representative of the laboratory.

Rush cases are often unavoidable and we do our best to accommodate these needs. We understand that some patients have urgent needs due to travel, health, or events, so we offer this as a special service to keep the process moving smoothly. With a $50 per day rush, we will put a rush on your case, as long as it meets the requirements that we discuss ahead of time. Understanding these guidelines will help us supply the needs of all of our dentists.